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Underage DUI & DWI


If under 21 and you are charged with DUI or DWI under the Virginia Code Section 18.2-266 or a variation thereof, the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 75 percent lower than the normal standard for a D.U.I. conviction: .02. This is often called a “Baby D.U.I.” It’s a Class 1 misdemeanor and has about the same penalties of an adult D.U.I. Penalties for an underage D.W.I. or D.U.I. charge include:

  1. 50 hours community service
  2. 1-year license suspension
  3. Mandatory ASAP classes
  4. $500 fine
  5. Additional penalties may be applied to those under age  18

An experienced D.U.I. attorney, Christopher P. James will fight on your behalf. A driving under the influence conviction is no way for teens and young adults to start out. In addition to legal ramifications, a D.U.I. impacts other areas of your life:

  1. Conviction will be on your DMV record indefinitely
  2. Car insurance triples or get dropped
  3. Employment options are limited
  4. Driving is limited
  5. Juvenile judge can deny you the ability to get a license 

Mr. James has been an active member of the Juvenile Court, and has been a contributor to the court list since 1989. He actively represent juveniles in all capacities. With nearly 30 years and over 5,000 successful cases to his name, Mr. James can carry you through all aspects of fighting an underage D.U.I. His firm will investigate the case against you: the police must have a reason to stop you, and not just because you look young or it is late at night. All test procedures need to be followed and all the equipment must be monitored functioning and calibrated. Since the BAC limit is so low in this case, many things can affect results even gum, mouth wash and some candy. Thus the knowledgeable Virginia D.U.I. lawyer has the skill to handle these special factors to win the entire case if possible or reduce it to reckless driving. Following your call to the Law Offices of Christopher James, we prepare a defense strategy based on decades of Virginia of defending clients in Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun County, and keep you informed throughout the case. Call today for your free strategy session, 24 hours a day.