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Hit & Run


        Va Code Section 46.2-894

If charged in Prince William/Manassas, Fairfax, Loudoun or Fauquier County, have a top-notch DWI or DUI Lawyer fight for you.

If you leave the scene of an accident you will be charged with what is commonly called “hit & run” in Virginia. Whether the result is property damage or personal injury, either can bring a felony charge. You are required to stop, exchange information, help out the injured and wait for the police. You can go to jail and lose your license so if you are charged with Hit and Run or leaving the scene. In such a case, you need an attorney, preferably one experienced in DUI defense.  

Felony or Misdemeanor for leaving the scene or hit and run. Expect:

  1. Up to $2500 fine if misdemeanor, in addition to paying for damaged property
  2. Jail time if there is personal injury or extensive property damage
  3. Felony if there is personal injury to the other party or damage exceeding $1000
  4. Judge can deny restricted license
  5. Loss of Commercial CDL ( mandatory)
  6. High fines if not negotiated down through counsel

It is thought that someone leaving the scene is:

  1. Lacking valid license or insurance;
  2. Impaired by drugs or alcohol;
  3. Afraid that a witness or a camera got your plate information.

Accidents can lead to Felony or Misdemeanor charges and often the consequences are worse than a DWI or DUI because it involves a victim and you damaged their person or property and ran. Judges and prosecutors do not like this and therefore jail time is always a risk.

Don’t risk a Hit & Run alone. YOU NEED COUNSEL!

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It’s important to protect yourself by getting legal advice and hiring an aggressive Virginia DWI and DUI attorney. You can start with the Law Offices of Christopher P. James, in practice 27 years with over 5,000 criminal and traffic cases successfully handled without one complaint. We understand your situation and remaining out of jail means reducing the charges or possible dismissal of the case.

Technical defenses for hit and run

There are many things to consider in trying to protect you from conviction 46.2-894

  1. Were you under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  2. Was there any serious or visible personal injury to the other party?
  3. Was there extensive property damage or just a scratch?
  4. Was medical help called?
  5. Did you feel threatened by the other driver if you stayed?
  6. Did you call the police and then leave?
  7. Did the other party refuse help, aid or your information?
  8. Did you observe no damage or injury and then leave?
  9. Were you identified; are there any witnesses to you leaving?
  10. Do you have evidence the other party is faking injury?
  11. Do you have evidence the other party is exaggerating property damage?
  12. Did you get any pictures with your cell phone before leaving?

Any and all of the above makes a difference. It’s not over.

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The right attorney investigates and forms a conceivable strategy in the process that gains you the best outcome, and that can mean leaving the courthouse with a license instead of heading to jail.

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