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Felony DUI


In Virginia, if you have two prior convictions of driving while intoxicated or under the influence within the span of 10 years, unlike earlier offenses, your third D.U.I. charge will be a felony. The penalties are life changing. A strong legal defense can give you the best possible chance of limiting jail time, loss of license and other harsh penalties. Start with a call to Christopher P. James for a free legal strategy session, 24 hours a day: 703-330-4514. With over 5,000 D.U.I. cases under his belt, Mr. James understands the inner workings of Virginia D.W.I./D.U.I. law and of judicial systems in Prince William, Fairfax, Loudoun and Fauquier County. He will work aggressively for a reduction or possible dismissal of your felony D.U.I. charges.

Virginia D.W.I. or D.U.I.  Penalties, Third or Subsequent Conviction:

  1. Minimum $ 1,000 to $2,500 fine
  2. Revocation of license for indefinite period
  3. Potential forfeit of vehicle
  4. Third offense within 10 years results in 90 days in jail
  5. Third offense within 5 years results in 6 months in jail
  6. Loss of gun, voting and other rights due to felony conviction
  7. Structured and severe felony probation period
  8. Any time suspended from prison sentence will be contingent on ongoing compliance after release
  9. Inability to get car insurance
  10. Loss of most high level employment and inability to get security clearance
  11. Permanent  loss of Commercial Drivers License
  12. Possible manslaughter charges in case of accident involving severe injury or fatality


Most Felony D.W.I. and D.U.I. cases are based on the timing of the driver’s two prior convictions, but not all. For instance, if there was an accident with serious injury or death, the party under the influence is often wrongly thought to be the responsible party, even if they were under the influence of prescribed medications. The Law Offices of Christopher James will conduct a full and unbiased investigation to see if the evidence supports felony charge. With so much at stake, every angle of defense must be closely evaluated.

To fight felony charges, it takes litigation skill, thorough knowledge of Virginia law and and experience with the local prosecutors judges. A well-planned legal defense is your best chance of either avoiding conviction, or reducing your time in jail and retaining driving privileges. Mishandling of your felony case could end with years of jail time, and will certainly hamper your employment, reputation and rights as a citizen. A felon cannot vote, carry a gun or hunt, loses many other everyday privileges. Call for your free strategy session, or visit one of our Northern Virginia offices, located in Manassas and Oakton/Vienna.