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Driving on Suspended License


Christopher James, DWI lawyer, helps you get your license back!

In Virginia, if you are charged with Driving while Intoxicated or Driving under the Influence of drugs or alcohol, your license is automatically suspended for 7 calendar days by the DMV. You can hire an aggressive DWI/DUI attorney and request that this be lifted and restore your driving privileges.

Va Code Section 46.2-301, driving on a suspended license, sends a lot of people to jail.

Va Code Section 46.2-300, having no valid operator’s license, is less serious.

Why is your license suspended?

  1. Multiple traffic citations with too many points
  2. Delinquency in child support payments
  3. Unpaid fines and costs to the court (most common)
  4. DWI or DUI and not fully reinstated
  5. Suspended for a traffic matter and not reinstated
  6. Not following all DMV licensing requirements
  7. No liability insurance or valid license plates
  8. Conviction of Reckless Driving or Hit & Run
  9. Failure to complete driver improvement clinic

A license suspension can become very involved and can result from any combination of the above reasons. Many people do not even know their license has been suspended when they are pulled over by the police. This is why you need an experienced traffic DWI & DUI attorney to review all these factors immediately to see if you have a defense and then quickly move toward license reinstatement.

Reinstatement of license: Hard but simple

Go to a DMV office and ask for a “compliance summary”. They will give a printout of everything you need to do to have your particular license reinstated along with the costs you need to pay, classes you may need to attend and time limits before or when it can be done. Don’t speculate; get a DMV COMPLIANCE SUMMARY.

Your particular reinstatement will vary upon your traffic history of convictions and whether you have had previous DUI or DWI convictions, or serious traffic violations like hit and run, manslaughter, felony DWI, habitual offender convictions and multiple prior Driving on Suspended.

In order to convict, the police need to prove these facts:

  1. You were driving a motor vehicle on the public highways;
  2. You license is suspended by the court or DMV and on record;
  3. You were aware that your license was suspended and you knowingly drove.

Drivers Beware: Multiple priors have serious consequences

More people go to jail for 46.2-301 violations for 2nd and 3rd to 6th offenses than people do for DWI or DUI. Upon conviction of driving on suspended there are serious penalties, for instance jail time on 2nd offenses and a mandatory 10-day minimum for a 3rd offense. Thus if you are charged with a second offense or greater, it’s important to protect yourself by hiring an experienced and aggressive Virginia traffic attorney, and you can start with the Law Offices of Christopher P. James.

Penalties are very severe after a DWI or DUI conviction

To start: a one-year additional license suspension, jail time up to 6 months, vehicle impoundment and possible revocation of your previously “suspended time” on the original DWI or DUI, and certain offenses if combined with reckless operation can be a felony with a mandatory year in jail. DON’T WING IT; see below.

We have more than 27 years experience in the field and have handled over 5,000 criminal and traffic cases successfully without one complaint. We understand your situation and what driving and remaining out of jail means to you, and we work very hard to get the results you want by pursuing a reduction in charges or possible dismissal of the case through getting continuances granted so you can get valuable time to work toward a reinstatement before your court date comes.

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Penalties for driving on a suspended license are not worth it.

Free initial strategy session, more than a consultation. There is no traffic case we cannot handle.

It is important to hire the Law Offices of Christopher P. James for this difficult hurdle in your life. You will be in good and aggressive hands and moving toward a great outcome outside of the jailhouse with a license enabling you to go about your life.

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