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Best traffic tips from an attorney

If you have received a ticket for reckless driving, speeding or other moving violation that carries negative points, you can do several things:

  1. Take an online traffic class with DMV in Virginia or in the state you hold your license and make sure it offers the five positive points on completion.
  2. In speeding cases, get your speedometer calibrated to see if it is accurate, often cars over 3 years old are many mph off in your favor.
  3. Repair defective equipment prior to court. This includes registration and inspection.
  4. Have an accurate copy of your latest DMV transcript available for the attorney so he can best calculate his fee and possible outcome and prepare a strategy for court.
  5. If you have a medical condition, prescription, or disability, provide paperwork or evidence of same, a saying something does not have the same weight as providing written evidence to the Judge.
  6. Take photographs of the accident end or intersection or traffic sign and print these out so they can easily be shown to council or the prosecutor. Scrolling through them on your cell phone in court looks sloppy.
  7. Get these things done at 2 weeks prior to the court hearing, in this way your record is updated, and it may prevent a last-minute continuance. If you heed this advice and give the attorney time to prepare the case, you will get the best outcome.