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Important Changes in Virginia Law, Starting July 2017

POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA 18.2450.1: No Mandatory Loss of License Good News: The law will no longer require that a person convicted for possession of marijuana have a mandatory 6-month loss of driver’s license upon conviction. The judge still has a right to do it if he or she sees fit, but it is no longer required. […]

How Easy is it to File A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?

ANSWER: It is not hard. 90% of the work is done before you even file the case: Answer all the questions on the bankruptcy questionnaire . Provide your counsel with your pay stubs, latest filed tax return, list of debts and assets. Take the credit counseling course online or on the phone it takes 1.5 […]

How to Protect Your Juvenile or Young Adult from Getting Needlessly Charged with DUI/DWI

The reality is that people under 21 are often charged with fairly minor offenses, that  unfortunately can end up on a permanent criminal histories that can affect their future employment opportunities. Based on decades of helping teens and young adults successfully fight DUI charges, Christopher James has put together simple tips for staying on the right […]